The Islander Sports Foundation

The Crown City Classic raises over $20,000 every year to meet the needs of Coronado Youth Sports. The Islander Sports Foundation is the official charity of The Crown City Classic. Make a donation at checkout to benefit ISF!

About the Charity:

The purpose of the Islander Sports Foundation is to ensure that no Coronado student will ever be denied the chance to participate in a sport because of financial need. 

There are over 40 High School and Middle School youth sports programs, and like most athletic programs in the state of California, school district athletic budgets have been drastically cut in recent years – Coronado’s annual sports budget is only $13k! Additionally, as with many San Diego-area middle schools, the school district does not allocate ANY funds for extracurricular middle school sports.

The Islander Sports Foundation covers 75% of all actual expenses covering new uniforms, referees and coaches, and tournament fees.

ISF is a Coronado based 501 [c] [3] Charity. The mission of ISF is to sustain and fund all Coronado School sports programs. ISF was founded as a booster club 20 years ago and sustains itself today because of Coronado families, businesses, and community support.

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